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Please fill out this application form completely and truthfully. Incomplete or false data can lead to disqualification. Your data is transmitted encrypted to the XCR server and will not be given to other parties without your consent. privacy and data protection.
This is not an automatic registration!Each application will be checked individually by the race committee and unlocked manually.

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Please upload a nice profile picture. Ideally it is a portrait of yourself, but also a picture of your wing is accepted. Give fellow pilots a chance to recognize yourself. (<4MB, .png, .jpg oder .jpeg)

Your phone number is stored for organizational or emergency related inquiries

To participate at specific leagues your date of birth might be relevant.

Choose your home region, where you usually fly. Within the competition you will be assigned to a group, in which you compete against pilots near to the region you choose. You can change your home region only from 1st October until 15th April. Your home region is published in your pilots profile.

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